About Interexpert, Ltd.

INTEREXPERT CZ was founded in 1990, i.e., as soon as the political changes of 1989 leading to democracy in the then Czechoslovakia and the changes to the legislation allowed establishment of private companies. In the initial years the company focused on internal development in the emerging market, and very soon it established itself in the field of implementation of major privatization projects. At the same time it concentrated on cooperation with companies from the old EU countries and the U.S. which were entering Czech market at the time.

The start of cooperation with the European Commission in the provision of audits in 1998 was a logical outcome of INTEREXPERT’s activities in the first decade of its existence.  Throughout its existence INTEREXPERT performed more than 2500 audits of grants, and it is this experience, along with the very flexible and knowledgeable team of specialists, which make us one of top experts in this area!

During the following period the company became a respected partner in the implementation of public contracts awarded by the Czech Republic as well as commercial projects of hundreds of private companies. It has expanded and added other divisions, INTEREXPERT BOHEMIA and INTEREXPERT non-profit sector, and became a member of PRIME GLOBAL, an international association of accountants and auditors.

We have a team of friendly, highly skilled specialists who are tested on regular basis by inspections from the European Commission or inspections from the European Court of Auditors. Everyday international cooperation has allowed everyone of us to posses the right mix of humbleness and self-confidence. We transfer the experience acquired abroad also to Czech companies which then increase their market value and successfully expand abroad.

Ing. Emil Bušek
Audit partner