Accounting services

Everyone has a different goal. Our goal is your prosperity!

For more than 20 years we have been providing comprehensive audit and accounting services for Czech and foreign companies. We always respect not only the Accounting Act but also the individual requirements of our clients with respect to their business.

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Bookkeeping and tax advisory

Our company has more than 20 years of experience in accounting, payroll processing and tax advisory.

We have a large team of specialists for individual lines of business because every business has its accounting and tax specifics. We keep accounts according to the requirements of Act No. 563/1991 Sb. (Collection of Laws), on accounting, and in accordance with Czech accounting standards. We perform single-entry accounting according to the requirements of Act No. 586/1992 Sb. (Collection of Laws), on income tax. We keep accounts according to Czech accounting standards as well as IFRS.

Our principles include:
– True and fair view concept,
– Accounting entity concept,
– Going concern concept,
– Accounting period concept,
– Historical cost concept,
– Realization concept,
– Consistency concept,
– Conservatism concept,
– No compensation concept
– Materiality (relevance) concept.

Liquidation of companies

In the course of your business activities and the ever-changing situation it is common that many of you conclude that it is better to close the business.
If you own a company you have to comply with the applicable laws and regulations when establishing it and when winding up. In this case, specifically according to Section 68 of the Commercial Code which regulates the dissolution and winding up of companies.

Our experience tells us that an accountant is the cheapest and most reliable liquidator of a company.

He does not ask too many questions, does everything quickly because the most beautiful thing an accountant wants to see is zero receivables and payables without the need to tax them subsequently.
He will recover all debts faster than a thousand lawyers and pay the payables strictly after having been granted the discount. The share in the liquidation balance will have to be taxed with 15% withholding tax but everyone will be glad to see the money you no longer expected.

Tax return and tax advisory, international taxation

If you decide to do business in the Czech Republic or you have already started your business you need to know what taxes your business is subject to. Every tax advisor will tell you on their website that it is your right not to pay taxes. Do not pay more than you have to, and come to us for advice.

Our accounting expert will answer questions related to your taxes and having impact on the correct accounting. If a tax issue requires assessment by a tax advisor or auditor the tax commentary will be prepared and provided in writing.

We will perform tax optimization for you and prepare all the required tax returns such as:

– value-added tax (VAT) return,
– corporate and personal income tax return,
– road tax return, processing of the inheritance tax, gift tax, property transfer tax, and property tax, or VAT refund.

Payroll accounting and human resources, employment contracts

Payroll processing and human resources management is a very demanding work. It requires knowledge of multiple laws, keeping up-to-date, and years of experien

Payroll processing does not mean just calculation, registration or payment of salaries but also other concerns and obligations – frequent communication with the authorities, working with sensitive data which must be protected, and complying with deadlines.
Make your work easier and use the modern management tools such as payroll outsourcing or external payroll processing. This system is increasingly used in the world.

We will process the wages of your employees, registration and de-registration with the relevant insurance companies, hiring and dismissal of employees, we will account for the employment tax, prepare the necessary employment contracts or agreements.